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With over 18 years experience in the areas of health, fitness, wellness, spirituality & a passion for helping others reach their full potential, I  believe we all can find our inner state of balance through embodying our true nature and soul essence. 

B E L an acronym for the 3 key areas I have found  to be so important to our personal soul growth

Balancing your energetic field: helps to ground, clear & shift energetic disturbances which may cause disharmony and dis ease in the mind and body

Exercise & movement: releases endorphins; the natural feel good hormones and allows more natural flow in life.

Living in the present moment: heartfelt conscious living & being more present in life allows more light into your body and unconditional love for self and others. This creates more harmonious flow and connection in life.



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My healing journey back to wellness....and how kinesiology found me......

​Around 9 years ago, I suffered the terrible loss of my beautiful mum.  Two weeks prior to her death, I gained the beautiful, extraordinary life of a 3rd soul, (also my one and only daughter) Skylah-Jade. But as a result of these two major life changing events in my life in quick succession, I also suffered great emotional stress, anxiety which was later described to me by a medical practitioner as PTSD, depression and a host of other stress related issues during and after my daughters birth. I had also lost a significant amount of weight, was constantly drained and depleted of energy, although health professionals pointed out to me that this was potentially adrenal fatigue (they did not test anything at this point) but suggested I should take the anti depressants prescribed to me and gave me a referral to see a psychologist to discuss my issues.  During to this time, I also separated from my husband and was raising all three small children on my own. In light of the above, I pushed through and continued to struggle immensely, feeling like my light was slowly fading and I could not see an immediate solution let alone a long term one. 

​Despite my efforts of trying almost everything and everything possible to find an answer, using the combined advice received from medical professionals, as well as several other alternative type therapies, nothing seemed to lift the heavy feeling I felt daily. In fact, I became more and more frustrated feeling totally powerless in finding any kind of resolution  to my state of ill health. I had become completely over feeling the daily pain, exhaustion and depletion of energy that I literally had zero energy to even give to it anymore. I felt trapped in a body was no longer serving me; whilst being mentally and physically exhausted and depleted to even know what other avenues to take.

I must also mention here that I also suffered acute levels of physical pain in my left hip, knee and lower back on top of the above symptoms mentioned to the degree that I eventually gave up my passion of teaching classes I had previously loved. The emotional anguish and physical pain simply became too much for me to continue to endure.  Interestingly though, during some of the diagnostic tests I had performed, my urine tests results came back showing unusually high acidic levels, which I know now as a practitioner is quite a common physical symptom of a compromised immune system , poor gut health and by this stage my organs were under extreme load, drawing upon my already depleted energy supply. to keep me functioning.

It took me hitting the lowest point in my life; physically, mentally and emotionally and having what I can only describe now as a mental and emotional breakdown, to finally wake up & go in search of some 'real answers'. It seemed like I was on this endless mission to restore balance back into a body that had become virtually a shadow of itself and I longed to return to a sense of normality which was my former vibrant self. I felt lost, disconnected, and was really only half living. I also had 3 children at the time who desperately needed their mum back, not this lifeless version of herself who was barely coping with getting through her day.

So I finally found my answers through an incredibly gifted practitioner, who combined kinesiology with remedial massage but who also worked with her clients on a very intuitive level to help unravel what was at the core of an issue; in my case, physical and emotional pain and grief. This opened me up to releasing and unlocking a great deal of suppressed and unhealed past trauma, emotional and mental patterns and programs I had been running in the background for years and some other deep seated mental conditioning I had lived with pretty much my entire life which had accumulated over the years from a verbally abusive, narcissistic parent and the other my mother who suffered substance abuse and addiction which also ended her life quite dramatically. 

My mum passing so suddenly I believe was the trigger that caused me to go rapidly downhill and it opened a kind of faucet figuratively speaking, for which everything I had safely and carefully hidden from the world for so long come gushing out at full force, together with the birth of another child and subsequent anxiety around my life circumstances which had followed, all combined was keeping me in this very unwell, sick , depressed, anxious and lifeless state. That was until I made the decision to 'heal' and I chose to take full responsibility with that healing journey which I believe our soul orchestrates the perfect environment and conditions for us to do that in, even down to the parent we choose to come through with as our vehicle into this incarnation and to rise above our circumstances or attachments to our painful past stories. 

Through undergoing my own personal healing journey, combining kinesiology together with some acupuncture and embarking on a kind of complete mind, body detoxification program; I managed to release and let go of the aspects of me that were no longer serving my highest good. I gradually returned to my former self, but also felt stronger, more empowered with more vitality for life than I had experienced before, 

Through my own healing journey  and spiritual awakening, I feel called now to help, guide and support others on their healing journey blending together my knowledge and experience of Neuro Energetic Kinesiology, Pellowah, Reiki  as well as yoga and meditation practices. I absolutely feel down to my very core, that energy healing  work has been a part of me for much longer than just this physical life, but it took a major life health crisis for me to discover the innate healing gift which was residing within me all along. It was a kind of awakening and for that I am eternally grateful and hope to share that wisdom and shine my light on others who may have been just like me. Stuck, exhausted, confused and desperate for answers to find a holistic treatment which does not band aid fix the issue but gets to the core root of a problem and helps to bring you back to a more balanced aligned state where your body knows how to heal from the inside out. It is about making the unknown, known so lasting change and inner healing can take place.



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