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to Living Balance Kinesiology & Yoga

Meet Belinda

Hi, as a holistic therapist and Neuro-energetic Kinesiologist, I consider the body as a whole organism, addressing not only what's going on with your physical body, but also your environment & internal self.  This will include all aspects of you; including the physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and the spiritual.


My philosophy resonates with a balanced approach to HEALTH & WELLNESS. Neuroenergetic kinesiology (NK) is a complimentary natural healing method I use to remove blockages or stress from your body.  


This stress management tool is so effective and profound as it aims to bring you back into a state of balance, alignment!, harmony and homeostasis. I do this through assessing the quality and quantity of stress residing in the body and looking for a non intrusive method to diffuse it..

Did you know?

Everything you see around you is energy and vibration.  We as multi dimensional beings run on a variety of frequencies, depending on our predominant thoughts and emotions. If for example we are someone who operates from a space and frequency of love and above, then we are more than likely going to be healthier, more vibrant and able to manifest whatever we desire in life.


If however, we approach life through the lens of fear, anger, guilt or shame as some of the lower vibrational emotional states, we may start to see this reflected in the energetic body as physical manifestations such as body pain, diabetes, thyroid issues, high blood pressure, immune disorders or imbalances like  depression, anxiety, or other stress related nervous disorders for example.

So we say, change your energy and vibration first and foremost, which then positively affects the cells and ultimately we can then alter the outcome and therefore change our own personal realities!!!

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Intuitive Coaching & Remote Sessions


I also perform distant remote balances. These work just like an in person session, as I tap in and tune into your energetic body, locate the core root of an issue and access the varying levels of consciousness to help diffuse the stress along the neural emotional pathways of the brain.  


Kinesiology is a multi dimensional healing modality which gives us biofeedback around the known imbalances within the body; including physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic.


 I treat the body as a whole organism, rather than a collection of symptoms. I can therefore provide comprehensive solutions and support to bring about profound shifts and lasting change!

These sessions I intuit information as it comes through and I have been told through client feedback how on point, accurate and precise these details are. 

That is because I am reading your energy field and with you not being in the same room as myself makes no difference. It's a clear, clean open channel that I work with and i am the conduit who is receiving that information on along the electrical circuits of your body via self testing techniques.